Pearls Of Banaras

From the shining temples of Banaras to the pearlescent shells of the Sydney Opera House, Pearls of Banaras takes its cue from the performing arts of these two world cities. Music is the soul of life. It brings people together, no matter their differences. Just like the way the evening aarti (musical prayer) is undertaken with such splendor, a visit to the opera house is no different. 

“This music and grandeur is something that every human must experience at least once in their life”.

Banaras is one of the oldest cities in the world, and Sydney one of the youngest. This alone is a vast difference yet, they are both known for their rich abundance of music and art.  

Pearls of Banaras combines the shell-like tiles of the Sydney Opera House with the prominent steps of the Banaras Ghats. These repetitive steps towards the Ganges River are reminiscent of the chevron pattern on the shells of the Opera House. The four patterns featured in the collection – chevron, triangle, diamond and stripes – imitate these architectural works.

The wooden panels featured in the interior of the Opera House mimics every pleat, and the reflection of the sun through its windows represented by the sheerness of fabric. Selected from Banaras itself, the collection comprises of cotton-silk yarns that are hand woven using jacquard weaving techniques, feather cut in geometric patterns to give it depth and definition.

Featuring easy to wear silhouettes of mixed-length dresses, wraps and scarves, Pearls of Banaras appeals to the worldly woman who would like to experiment with the new bohemian.

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